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Risk Control and Order Types

Buy and Sell at Market Prices

Trade CFDs with Xtrade, a leading online CFD forex broker, to buy and sell instruments at the current market price (at midpoint of the price spread that is set for each individual instrument). Xtrade offers Order Types which are available on our Trading Platform. Xtrade makes available Limit Orders to assist you in minimising your risk.

Stop Loss Order (Maximum Loss)

A Stop Loss Order is an excellent way to prevent you from experiencing a huge loss, should the instrument (Shares, Forex, Commodity or Index) move in an unfavorable direction. The Stop Loss Order instructs Xtrade to close a position when or if the instrument reaches a specific price.

When the stock reaches this price, the Stop Loss Order becomes a market order. The Market Order immediately instructs Xtrade to close the position at the best possible price. However, please be aware that in a volatile market you may not receive the exact price that you expected, but it will be as close as possible.

A Stop Loss Order can also be used to protect profits on a stock that is moving in a favourable direction. You can repeatedly reset the price to close a position at and the Stop Loss Order will instruct Xtrade to close the position if the price is reached.

Take Profit Order

A Take Profit Order (Limit Profit) is an excellent way to protect your profits in the event that the instrument price (Shares, Forex, Commodity or Index) moves in a favourable direction. The Take Profit Order will instruct Xtrade to close a position when or if the instrument reaches a specified price.

NOTE: Under abnormal market conditions, CFDs may fluctuate rapidly to reflect unforeseeable events that cannot be controlled either by the Firm or you. As a result your stop loss instructions might not be executed at the declared price (negative slippage might apply) hence a “stop loss” order cannot guarantee to limit losses during abnormal market conditions.

Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss. Trading FX/CFDs involves a significant level of risk and you may lose all of your invested capital. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved.